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About Gluten-Free Food Program and TrainCan

The Gluten-Free Food Program Inc. owns and operates GF-Verified™, GF-Dedicated™ and GF-Smart™, the only gluten-free programs for the food service and hospitality sector endorsed North America’s three leading celiac associations: the Canadian Celiac Association and La Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque in Canada and the National Celiac Association in the USA.

TrainCan, Inc.® is a full service company designed to work with you to make your Foodservice/Hospitality establishment or Retail/Grocery establishment safe from hazards that lead to food borne illness.

Our training and certification programs are offered at both employee and management levels in addition to many exciting learning tools across a variety of medium. These mediums include: online food safety training, food safety training videos, course books, DVD’s, posters and more.

Keeping food safe also means keeping food fresh. When you handle food properly it doesn't need to cost you more money, in fact, it saves you money. A proper food safety training and certification plan will ensure that you reduce waste costs and lower utility costs.

There is, of course, the most important reason - the safety of your staff and customers.